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Effective July, 2005 California law was amended to require certain educational requirements of all new and renewal notary applicants.

Under the new law, all new and renewal applicants are required to complete a 6-hour course of study, from a State approved vendor, on notary law and procedures and to successfully pass a State examination based on this training. In addition, all renewal applicants who have previously taken the 6-hour course must complete a 3-hour refresher course prior to renewal of their notary commission.

Internet Notary School was founded as an alternative to more costly and time consuming classroom based courses for notaries. Our course curriculum meets all of the educational standards set forth by the Secretary of State and we are an approved vendor in the State of California.

Internet Notary School’s course curriculum contains everything a notary needs to successfully pass the State exam. But better still, being an online course adds convenience and speed to the application/renewal process. With our online course you can study at your own pace without interruption from other students. You can complete the course and receive your proof of completion all in the same day. Should you not pass the State exam the first time, you will have access to the course for up to 6 months so you may re-examine the course material and re-take the State exam successfully.

Internet Notary School’s web site also provides links to the Secretary of State’s web site so you can obtain additional information on being a notary public. We also provide a link to California Personnel Service’s (CPS) web site so you can schedule your State exam immediately on line.

And finally, the cost of our online course is significantly less than that of a comparable classroom based course.

If you are interested in speed, convenience and quality, without the delays and added cost of a classroom course, then you are ready to attend
Internet Notary School’s notary class online.

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